Majors–The Supermarket of Romance…

Majors’ ad, Staten Island Advance, Dec 11, 1980.

Like many other people who lived in or near the north shore, I worked at Majors in Mariners Harbor. Majors had it all. Yes, it was a department store, but it also had a supermarket, a liquor store and even a travel agency.

Majors most famous department was the “Record Department.” I can still see my brother Frank happily going through the racks for new albums from the Rolling Stones or The Who. The “Record Department” was so popular it spun off into its own entity at the former Pathmark plaza on Forest Avenue. When that site closed it was resurrected and it now operates on Barrett Avenue. The travel agency was also a successful enterprise and it still exists on Forest Avenue, just east of Jewett Avenue.

But back to the supermarket, or as I like to call it, the “Supermarket of Romance.” My brother Jim met his future wife Karen there in the mid-1970’s, plus I know of at least two other couples that met at the Mariner’s Harbor landmark and were married. There are probably more. Who would have thought that Majors Supermarket of Mariners’ Harbor was the twentieth century version of

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