Museums, a botanical garden and even a zoo! Every cultural organization on Staten Island does the best they can. They are all underfunded and understaffed. You would be amazed at how few full-time workers are at each of these institutions and you would be amazed at all that they accomplish. All are blessed with part-time workers, volunteers, contracted individuals, etc. Historic Richmond Town and Snug Harbor are also, I do not want to use the word burdened, but it is an appropriate word, by structures that are old, historic and outdated. They are extremely difficult to maintain.

Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Staten Island organizations include the Noble Maritime Collection, the Tottenville Historical Society, the Staten Island Children’s Museum, the Conference House, the Staten Island Museum, Alice Austen House, Garibaldi-Meucci Museum and others. They all need our help. They protect our history. They educate us. They educate our children. They provide important resources for students, authors, researchers, artists, musicians… it goes on and on. If you are not a member or sending a check to at least one of these organizations once a year then you should be. Become a member, volunteer, voice your opinion… be proactive with one of these wonderful institutions. Please!

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