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What’s interesting about history? “Everything!” proclaims historian Patricia M. Salmon who prefers the comfortable name of Pat. “Whether I am researching, writing, or presenting a program I can’t help but be excited about the information I’ve discovered and I can’t wait to share it. It’s mesmerizing to uncover facts about Staten Island’s long ago past – its residents or the businesses that have evolved. Especially the cemeteries – -many of them are truly right under our feet.”

Patricia M. Salmon, 2016.

As a professional historian and naturalist for over thirty years, Ms. Salmon has a reputation for hosting programs, walking tours, and books that are filled with verified fascinating facts and commentary that appeal to all interested in community history (and to some who thought they weren’t interested at all). Ms. Salmon knows what her audience wants and for this reason she searches for history’s hidden and lesser-known secrets. She is not above acting out historically quirky aspects of Staten Island’s past in an entertaining and clever manner. Even Staten Island’s life-long natives are amazed at the breadth of Pat’s historical knowledge (which actually goes beyond the borders of Staten Island). As one fellow historian stated: 

“Pat has immersed herself in history since the time she was two years old and the Salmon family moved next to a genuine Homestead Graveyard on Merrill Avenue. This child was never the same and years later could be found perusing through the stacks of the Port Richmond and Saint George libraries hungering for information on the eighteenth century Merrell Family. Not only did she find it, it wasn’t long before she was hunting through the Archives of the Staten Island Museum, which she supervised for many years.” According to Pat “it has been a long and lovely ride along the roads of Staten Island history and there is plenty more to be discovered!”

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